flux_aeterna: (gamzee demented kiddo)
Yeah I haven't watched cartoons since the second season of Foster's Home for Imaginary friends, but I saw this on a commercial somehow and found the other videos and it basically cracks me up and halts my desire for all the homicidal raging.

So I think maybe others might find it funny, like, if they don't sleep like me, or, if they are just insane. But if it makes you laugh then it was worth posting.

I am spamming my page right now because it's new and empty - SAID I TO MYSELF, OHO, DEAR BOY, START FRESH! START ANEW! - and also because it keeps me awake and I have nothing else I am functional enough to do right now. Other than watch porn, which, actually, is a better idea than watching a banana strip and germs multiply.

Haha. Banana ass.