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My name is not important - on the interwebz you may refer to me as Mephistopheles or simply call me "Flux." I have an obsession with apparently controversial new-age conceptual theories and intellectual subjects, as well as in abstract spiritual matters which seem to narrow my list of friends most everywhere. Unsurprisingly, I keep to myself in both offline-life and online life, but this has less to do with my eccentric beliefs and interests and more to do with my generic dislike of people and low-tolerance for the natural default of human behavioral mechanics. You wouldn't hang out with a herd of cattle, would you? No, because they smell funny, and after awhile it isn't any fun to waste time talking at them. This is actually a poor analogy as I far prefer the company of animals to people - but loyal, endearing animals like dogs and cats and snakes and rodents. Mostly I prefer to be by myself, as I generally tend to end up, because I am an asshole - something I am aware of and since it has been working in favor of my emotional interests so far, I see no reason to change. At the same time, I am bored and so have crawled out of my hate cave for awhile in pursuit of communities and other persons with related interests in hopes of achieving some semblance of personal growth.

Before you ask, I am uninterested in returning to social communities such as LiveJournal (Russian cesspit), Face Book (aka Jew Book), and you will never find me on Twitter or any such shallow community of nonsense. I very much liked MySpace, but there is no one left there, so why bother returning? I liked the LiveJournal style and focus on communities and blogging, however; so I am glad for Dreamwidth. Due to controversial and offensive content, my journal is access-list only. Should you, for whatever reason, be inclined towards friendship, intrigued as to the subject matter within my journal, or both, join a community I am on and get to know me a bit there first. This is in interest of both your and my time and personal efforts not being wasted on someone we might not like, or worse, find offensive.

In this journal:
All manner of religious topics, racism, fatalism, fascism, nihilism, existentialism, transcendentalism, realism, idealism, pessimism, nationalism, isolationism, new age theories, new age concepts, new age spirituality, sexuality, gender identity, plurality, philosophy, psychology, science, nature, politics, culture studies, travel interests, interweb adventures, and my eccentric and unusual life.


(if you don't know what that means, don't consider a career in psychology)

Interests (150):

a beautiful mind, a clockwork orange, a song of ice and fire, adventures with zombies, alfred hitchcock, all the music, alternate dimensions, alternate lives, alternate realities, alternative lifestyles, anti-capitalism, anti-communism, anti-religious fanaticism, apocalypse conspiracy theories, architecture, astrology, astronomy, avoiding people, batman the animated series, battle royale, battlestar galactica, beating the ignorant with sticks, biology, black magic, c.s. lewis, can't stop the beat, caprica, collecting crap, comics, cory doctorow, culture studies, cyberpunk, darren shan, death, death note, destiny, destructive weather, dice games, donnie darko, dreams, duality, existentialism, exposing political bullshit, fallout, fascism, fight club, final fantasy, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, game of thrones, gankutsuou, gargoyles the animated series, genetics, goth, harry potter, his dark materials, history, human nature, idealism, inception, ink, isolationism, jesus is not coming people, jhonen vasquez, jim butcher, k.a. applegate, kill it with fire before it lays eggs, legos, let's not and say we did, live in the beat, magic: the gathering, magical creatures, mind control techniques, mirrormask, monster high dolls, music is my anti-genocide, nationalism, nature, neil gaimen, never taking off my headphones, new age concepts, new age spirituality, new age theories, nihilism, nikola tesla, no pity for the majority, not sleeping, not working, nutella, opening closed minds with a car-jack, painting, peanut butter, philosophy, psychology, racism, rain, reading, realism, red dead redemption, resident evil, rhetorical studies, roald dahl, rockabilly, science, scott westerfield, serial killers, sexuality, shin megami tensei, silent hill, skateboarding, slytherin house, space, spirit animals, spirit familiars, star wars: clone wars the animated series, steampunk, stephen king, suckerpunch, supernatural, superpowers, surgical knives, talking to myself, teen titans, the batman, the book of eli, the illusionist, the lord of the rings, the occult, the prestige, the road, the sandman, the walking dead, the witcher, the world of darkness, thomas harris, thunderstorms, time, torture techniques, transcendentalism, travel, trinity blood, underworld, videogames, weapons of science, wearing hoodies, white wolf games, wolf's rain, wolfenstein, wolverine and the x-men, writing, x-men the animated series
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