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Gave up on NaNoWriMo at least for the summer. Who writes in the summer? I'll do the August one. Probably not, actually. I have no idea but I'll do NaNo eventually.

That will probably make the person who invited me to participate sad but...Oh well. Life is full of disappointments.

Meanwhile I am busy having weird dreams and role-playing, which is far more entertaining on a day-by-day basis, not to mention, instant gratification via tags by other players, unlike novels.

Really want to start ordering The Walking Dead comics. ALSO Pokemon Conquest and the new Linkin Park album AND the new A23 album come out this month. AWESOME.
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Well that's what it's going to be because I have no direction, solid characters, or friends to encourage me. Actually, I am not sure why I am doing this at all.

I am quite certain this will turn out to be the failest novel of the year.

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Early shift, and I only slept MAYBE three hours yesterday, and now here I am again, awake, having just created a profile for the summer camps of NaNoWriMo when I am supposed to be up in 4 hours.

Gods I really suck at discipline. Mostly I just can't force myself to do anything that doesn't come naturally.

So I am kinda excited to just write words and not give a shit. I want to pump out as many words as possible and tweak order for plot and structure for quality later. Hopefully whoever gets stuck as my cabin-mates will understand.

/encourages self
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Slept, roundabouts, from 8am-11am. Was woken by maintenance knocking on my bedroom door. Talk about wake-ups you don't expect.

Me: *jolts awake, clutches blanket, assembles brain* "Uh, w-wait, hold on!"
Them: *pound pound* "Hello?!"
Me: Oh my God. "Yes! I hear you. I'm in here. Just a minute!"
*scrambles to get dressed*

By the time I swing open my door, no one is in MY apartment, and they are in the hall banging on someone else's door.
What the fuck? Were they never inside? Just that loud from the hall?
Are they coming back then? Because they didn't, so they must have been inside.
The whole point was a mandatory scheduled maintenance check that was supposed to happen -
May 29th or 30th from 9am-4pm.
Please explain to me why I am being disturbed at 11am on May 31st.

I opened my door and gave maintenance asshat a sour look and bolted the door and decided that there was no way under any circumstances they were coming in later, if they for whatever reason did not fulfil the reason behind their disturbance of my slumber.
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Yeah I haven't watched cartoons since the second season of Foster's Home for Imaginary friends, but I saw this on a commercial somehow and found the other videos and it basically cracks me up and halts my desire for all the homicidal raging.

So I think maybe others might find it funny, like, if they don't sleep like me, or, if they are just insane. But if it makes you laugh then it was worth posting.

I am spamming my page right now because it's new and empty - SAID I TO MYSELF, OHO, DEAR BOY, START FRESH! START ANEW! - and also because it keeps me awake and I have nothing else I am functional enough to do right now. Other than watch porn, which, actually, is a better idea than watching a banana strip and germs multiply.

Haha. Banana ass.

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And today, I can report that I am not sleeping because dreams are bad.

I am often concerned that slipping into sleep will result in waking in a world that makes even less sense in which I have even less control over anything.

I would rather risk the encounter with Freddy Krueger.